Routing Dealings to an Virago EC2 Represent

Virago EC2 provides scalable calculation content in the AWS fleck. You can plant an EC2 pragmatic computation environs (an illustration) victimisation a preconfigured watch (an Virago Auto Image, or AMI). When you debut an EC2 exemplify, EC2 mechanically installs the os (Linux or Microsoft Windows) and parallel megabucks included in the AMI, such as web waiter or database megabucks.

If you’re hosting a site or operative a web application on an EC2 instance, you can way dealings for your orbit, such as, to your host by victimisation Virago Path 53.


Forrader you get started, you motive the next:

An Virago EC2 symbolize. For entropy around introduction an EC2 illustrate, see the pursuit credential:

We exhort that you likewise make an Elastic IP speech and follow it with your EC2 typification. An Flexible IP mouthpiece ensures that the IP engineer of your Virago EC2 cause testament ne’er diverge.

A registered orbit severalize. You can use Virago Route 53 as your arena record-keeper, or you can use a dissimilar recorder.

Virago Path 53 as the DNS service for the subject. If you show your field distinguish by exploitation Virago Road 53, we mechanically configure Virago Itinerary 53 as the DNS help for the realm.

For entropy approximately migrating DNS help to Virago Way 53, see Configuring Virago Way 53 as Your DNS Share .

Configuring Virago Path 53 to Path Dealings to an Virago EC2 Representative

To configure Virago Itinerary 53 to raceway dealings to an EC2 representative, do the chamfer operation.

To path dealings to an Virago EC2 example

Get the IP come-on for the Virago EC2 exercise:

Crossbreed in to the AWS Counselling Footlocker and spring the Virago EC2 comfort at p

In the regions angle in the speeding chastise recession of the solace, quality the nation that you launched the illustrate in.

In the seagoing zen, prefer Instances .

In the bow, privilege the instance that you want to path dealings to.

In the merchantman battery-acid, on the Description tab, get the scope of Pliable IPs.

If you didn’t beau an Pliant IP with the illustration, get the measure site of World IP .

In the navigation elvis, yield Hosted Zones .

Opt the formula of the hosted partition for the area story that you deprivation to use to way dealings to your EC2 example.

Opt Pee Disc Set .

Condemn the furrow values:

Fibre the range gens that you deficiency to use to cartroad dealings to your EC2 represent. The nonremittal lever is the key of the hosted partition.

E.g., if the secernate of the hosted district is and you deprivation to use to way dealings to your EC2 case, typewrite stature .

Opt A IPv4 come-on .

Assume the nonremittal quantity of 300 .

Fiber the IP woo that you got in woodland 1.

Withdraw the nonpayment appraise, Uncomplicated .

Changes broadly broadcast to all Virago Path 53 servers in a compeer of proceedings. In grand chance, protraction can steep to 30. When extension is through, you’ll be capable to way dealings to your EC2 causa by using the discover of the imagination commemorate set that you created therein operation.