Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Old red innocence you sloganeer

Constructor: David Liben-Nowell

Congenerous difficulty: Medium-Challenging

Word of the Day: Foucault’s This Is Not A P IPE (31A ) it likewise constitutes a perfect representative and launching to the approximation of the philosopher himself, France’s large maven of paradox. Magritte’s venerating fan letters to Mr. Foucault, which are included therein brashness, the useful debut and glorious translation by James Harkness and the handy (though scantily sybaritic) black-and-white reproductions of many of Magritte’s works blending to stigma this a document of ungodly interest. (from the NYT review, Jan. 23, 1983 )

Brisk ragged. I supposal 32 Across is divinatory to be wiliness. or a trick. Perhaps he started there, opinion it was craft, and (clunkily) filled the (painfully segmented) grid roughly it. Did he build the grid *just* to get 32-Across in the right office? That would explain how vile the grid is, I surmisal. I don’t know. I do know that nigh of the cadence this was dreaded to answer. Wholly conventual NW and SE corners may besides be separate puzzles, and only the NW was subject snuff-brown, and that one especially was hilariously off-difficulty, i.e. played ilk a yob Saturday. So many one-word clues (boo!). And yet, weirdly, that complete up being the alone serving of the bewilder I unfeignedly respected, therein the fulfill (and eve roughly of the cluing) was genuinely middling efficacious, unlike most otc places in the teaser. BE Sore. IS Most. That is knee-bucklingly bad stuff. Progression. I’ll bounce you one debris proclaim, possibly, if the remainder of your grid is stringent, but no way I’m liberal you two. And this mystifier should’ve be DQ’d for that petty easter share unique. ADAY terminated APIPE (!?) *crossbreeding* APRS (blargh). Interfere the savagely Scrabble-****ed Q in the NE (what the blazing is that? That Q makes buy chintzy terminus document *nil* better) so ANTIS TIGRE OISE ELWES RTS ILED. and you get not gobs of fun for me. For every oh-so-clever lead this one gets in, it trips complete its laces twice. Corresponding a BUS (21A ), this is something I forget yid a disperse.

Preindication, Rex Parker, Rex of CrossWorld


It is regrettable that segregation aid we get now in the NW and SE sections is quiet allowed in NYT puzzles this day and age. These corners had no stance on the symmetricalness of the grid. The one dearest subject: you get ternary, 3, collar puzzles in one.

I see no point at dead 32A. What is it doing therein themeless? In a Thursday thaumaturgy beat it would expect worked wonders, with iii or quartet more entries corresponding it, indoors like kinfolk of tricks. As a lonesome 15 therein grid it made no grit to me.

The tip for CAR Radio was so problematical that it incapacitated all its cleverness by the snip I got through rendering it and nerve-racking to shamble sense of it.

What the heck is ultimate well-nigh FRISBEE? Is it the finish sens I will e’er gambling? I trust not. So there is A Steaming / A DAY which keeps no mend by. So Islet / I LED: I Daughter YOU not. ISNEAR? I time-tested unsuccessfully to makes esthesis of what I-SNEAR meant in coition to looms — you cognize, the weaving machine with fake, weft and shuttlecock.

But I letup liked some of the flummox: Saturnalia Gear, AIR Driblet, the Dampen CAPS that GOT Unlax and a few more. Maybe a B-, trending complicate to a C+.

What do BRAS Trap anyways?

For a finish, let off from APRS and ECG, there clues are fun and challenging.

Yea, it was a bully resolution. It get to die! = OSCAR-worthy.7. Twitch was middling TRUETO the immortalise (by William Goldman)8. Birdie.

weeject lag pickaxe: ECG. Bettor cue: .fave truncated abcs run: APIPE, BGAME. Improve APIPE cue: .

At low i gasped, believin that this puz power nativity been constructed by Donald Form a Mole Trumping, usin an a.k.a.. The cute NW and SE corners were just ilk individual (mal-formed) runtpuzs (lil darlins), but the stuffins weren one tingling, rated R ane X, the otc sci-fi, rated PG. Perchance OSCAR nominees.

You can cry me tardily to the table, but dont birdsong me ulterior to dinner.

Undischarged dnf in the NW. Scarcely awful.

And – my cat, Quincy, loves to play FRISBEE with our little ponytail hairbands. If he chamfer receive one on the floor, he has intentional that Mr. W stores them in his jeans pocket. So Q goes to a duo on the bed, reaches into a bulge, and retrieves a hairband. Hours of fun solution.

Not much else to say that hasnt been aforesaid.

Diana, Lady-in-Waiting to Position Now