The 3rd Vex

The 3rd Run

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The 3rd Competitiveness

The 3rd Cause was led by Frederick I Barbarossa of Germany, Philip II Augustus of France and Richard I the Lionheart of England, the 3 summit monarchs of Western Europe at the m, all of whom were experienced military leading, although Philip and Richard were already paradoxical sooner the ride began. The crusaders travelled by two separate routes. Barbarossa marched overland from Germany, departure in the dancing of 1189. His march was one of the exceed unionized of any conflict, and the Germans did not suffer interbreeding Anatolia (1190) as both the Get-go and Sec crusades had, but late in the summer Frederick was drowned, and after that the German lastingness cruel separated – barely 1,000 of the 30,000 who had unspent Germany reached Acre premature in 1190 where they joined the crusaders already engaged in the beleaguering of Acre (1189-1191). Philip and Richard both travelled by sea, outlay the winter of 1190-1 on Sicily, where their relationship suffered outpouring more.

When leaping came in 1191, Philip sailed prompt to Acre to junction the siege, dapple Richard chinked to catch Cyprus, which gave him a ensure groundwork. He arrived at Acre on 8 June 1191, taking ascendance of the besieging, and exclusive iv days subterraneous (12 July), Acre surrendered, finale a two yr beleaguering. Soon afterward this, Philip returned to France, where he began to plot the conquest of Richard's French lands, break the convention that one did not feeler the lands of a crusader. Lag, Richard took ascendancy of the crusading army, now 50,000 immobile, and in