Undergraduate Configuration Requirements

To be considered for accession to Baylor College of Medicine, an applicator moldiness have satisfactorily completed no less than 90 undergraduate semester hours (or equivalent turning of quartern hours) at a richly accredited college or university in the Coupled States by the condemnation of registration in medical school.

The pastime courses moldiness have been completed satisfactorily (AP and online courses will not be accepted for the necessity coursework):

  • Maths (3-4 semester hours) – Biostatistics (darling), but any cable with quantitative math. Examples: statistics, physics, compression
  • Expository Writing (3-4 semester hours)*
  • Humanities-Social/Behavioral Sciences (12 semester hours) Examples: psychology, sociology, anthropology, impertinent languages, morals, ism, theology, lit, art history
  • Inherent Chemistry (2 semesters; 6-8 semester hours) – lab is NOT required
  • Biochemistry (3-4 inflict homepage semester hours) – lab is NOT mandatory
  • Modern Biology (3-4 semester hours) – lab is NOT mandate. Examples: genetics, cell/molecular biology
  • RECOMMENDED: Spanish

*The expository composing crucial may be accomplished through coursework in a function of disciplines that ask intensive writing. Examples include conventional courses in English, Ism, Account, World Indemnity, Administration, or Trust. This requisite also may be conventional through an Honors Thesis, makeup intensive swiftness subdivision science way, or closing of a major enquiry reputation.

Entree to the Fledgling Score

Although high understanding mightiness and a memorialise of academic achievement are essential for succeeder in the study of medicine, the admissions direction recognizes that these qualities lonesome are not sufficient to backup a fix’s development. Essential qualities of the md too acknowledge:

  • A arduous motivation for a career in medication
  • Man compassion
  • An abiding stakes in the problems of bulk
  • Lead skills
  • Index to communicate ideas effectively
  • A high class of personal integrity

Baylor welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are affiliated to promoting equal hazard euphony for all who are implicated in a medical vocation, including groups that are underrepresented in medicament regionally or countrywide due to wash, ethnicity, socioeconomic circumstance, geographic emplacement, unequalled personal experiences, or betimes factors.